Milwaukee Muscle

How does an airplane fly? Can you lift a boulder with liquid? Explore motors, engines, and power in this investigative engineering experience into some of Milwaukee’s most powerful innovations.

Flight Simulator

Strap on your wings and take control of your very own plane. Explore the physics of flight by virtually piloting a plane around the world in our Flight Simulator.

In partnership with Southwest Airlines.

Bernoulli Table 

Learn how something as heavy as a jump jet is able to fly as though it’s lighter than air by diving into the Bernoulli principle. Make things fly and learn why.


Multiply your might when you amplify your ingenuity with Fluid Power. Climb into a real, working HUSCO Mini-Excavator and operate the boom, bucket, swing arm, and tracks.

In partnership with HUSCO International.

All Ages
Technology Building
Included in ticket price
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Inspire Generations

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