Membership Benefits

Membership Levels



1 adult



2 adults OR
1 adult + 1 child​



2 adults and their children (age 17 and under)​


Family Plus

Family Level + 1 guest​


Family Access Membership

Family Membership for Wisconsin families in financial need. To purchase, you must visit in-person or contact our Membership Department. See our FAQs for more details.




2 adults and their grandchildren (ages 17 and under)​


Grandparents Plus

Grandparents Level +
1 guest​

Member Donors Levels


Curiosity Champion

  • Family Plus Member Benefits
  • Exclusive Gift
  • Parking and Complete (Guest) Passes


Endless Explorer

  • Curiosity Champion Benefits
  • Access to VIP special events


"Aha" Ambassador

  • Endless Explorer Benefits
  • Private Tour of Discovery World


Science Superhero

  • “Aha” Ambassador Benefits
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Reiman Aquarium given by the CEO

Membership FAQs

ASTC Reciprocity

Your membership with Discovery World entitles you to free or discounted general admission to more than 300 science centers and museums worldwide through the reciprocal admission program with the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC).

Please see the ASTC Lists below for an explanation of exclusions or contact the Membership Department for more details.

Participation and benefits of this program can change at any time, so please keep the following notes in mind:

  • Call Ahead – Before visiting any museum, give them a call to verify that their reciprocal admission benefits and/or discounts are still in effect.
  • Bring Your Membership Card – You will need your digital or physical membership card with you to verify your identity and the active status of your membership. You will be required to pay full admission prices if you do not bring it with you.
  • Check Lists and Distance Restrictions – The ASTC Travel Passport Program has distance restrictions in place. Make sure the museum you intend to visit is not located within 90 miles of either Discovery World or your home residence. This distance is measured as a straight line distance, not a driving distance, so please be aware. For instance, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry are within 90 miles of Discovery World and so those locations are not eligible for ASTC free reciprocity with your membership. See below for other reciprocity opportunities.

Other Reciprocity

Discovery World members receive 50% off general admission for up to 2 adults and 4 children at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). Discounts not applicable for special exhibitions, experiences, or other membership benefits.

Yes! To purchase a membership with one of the listed discounts, you must visit in-person or contact our Membership Department.

  • College Discount – $10 discount on an Individual Level Membership 
  • Military Discount – $10 discount on any level of membership with a Military ID
  • Access Discount – $45 for a Family Access Membership with proof of participation in a qualifying program
  • Corporate Partner Employee Discount – Find out if your company is part of our program that offers you, the employee, discounted memberships at Discovery World. 

Your family qualifies if you are a Wisconsin resident that participates in Wisconsin Works, WIC, My WI Childcare, Wisconsin Quest, FoodShare, BadgerCare, or Medicaid. Membership level created for Wisconsin families in financial need.

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Inspire Generations

When you support Discovery World, you help us enhance our experience and enrich the quality of science education in Milwaukee and beyond. From caring for our creatures to feeding hungry minds, your donation makes all the difference.

2 adults and their children (age 17 and under)​

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