Aqua Side

  • Me, Undersea

    Learn about fascinating creatures that use camouflage and bioluminescence to survive, and find out how underwater pressure affects the human body. With hands-on activities for young science enthusiasts and interactive experiences for all ages, Me, Undersea is the ultimate adventure for marine biology and oceanography enthusiasts. Don’t miss this chance to explore the wonders of the ocean Caribbean Tunnel Tank...
  • Weird & Wild

    A little weird, a little wild, and a whole lot of COLOR! Encounter vibrant species from around the world in Weird & Wild.You’ll find poison dart frogs, piranha, pea pufferfish, axolotls, and more! Speaking of axolotls, did you know they have powers of regeneration? They have the ability to regrow missing body parts via rapid cell division! In partnership with...
  • Lake Michigan Tank

    Welcoming you to the Reiman Aquarium is our 80,000-gallon Lake Michigan Tank. This freshwater tank is home to creatures native to the Great Lakes including shovelnose sturgeon, northern pike, gar, carp and more.Explore our Calendar of Events to learn when you can find divers or even a mermaid in this tank! Caribbean Tunnel Tank Touch Tank Weird & Wild Me, Undersea
  • Caribbean Tank

    Experience underwater worlds when you travel through our Caribbean Tank. This 65,000 gallon saltwater tank features Bamboo Shark, Honeycomb Cowfish, ….and more amazing animals from the Caribbean.Explore our Calendar of Events for weekly encounters like divers and fish feedings. Lake Michigan Tank Touch Tank Weird & Wild Me, Undersea
  • Touch Tank

    Did you know that sturgeon can live to be over 100 years old? Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures at the Reiman Aquarium Touch Tank where you can experience hands-on interactions with sturgeon, stingrays and bamboo sharks. Caribbean Tunnel Tank Lake Michigan Tank Weird & Wild Me, Undersea
  • Aquarium

    Are you ready to explore an underwater world? Discover strange, beautiful, and fascinating creatures from around the world in our Reiman Aquarium. You’ll pet stingrays and sturgeon in our Touch Tank. Meet adorable turtles, axolotls, ball pythons, poison dart frogs, and so much more. And be sure to check our Calendar of Events for a full schedule of our brand new...
  • Great Lakes Future

    Around 30 million people make their home around the Great Lakes. Explore one of the largest interactive models of the Great Lakes in the world! Investigate the geology and geography of some of the fish, turtles, snakes, and other creatures that make their homes in the Great Lakes Basin. Make it rain and create fog. Welcome to the Great Lakes!...
  • The City of Freshwater and Liquid House

    Discover the story of water
    How does the Milwaukee Water Works purify water so that it’s safe to drink? How do we use water in our homes, schools, and businesses? How does the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District clean the water and protect Lake Michigan?Discover the story of water as it travels from Lake Michigan to our homes and back again.In partnership with the Milwaukee Metropolitan...
  • The Challenge

  • Simple Machine Shipyard

    There are six classical simple machines, the elementary “building blocks” of all the complicated machines today. You can put them to work at Discovery World. Can you lift a log? A boulder? A giant block of ice? A house? Can you lift yourself? Of course you can! Harness the power of mechanical advantage with simple machines.
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