Magnetic Attraction

kohl's design it! lab

From clothing to transportation, the way magnets attract and repel one another has helped shape the world around us. Use hands-on exploration to examine how designers and engineers use these forces and creating your own magnetic project.

  • $6/student
  • 10 student minimum to book
  • 16-20 student maximum per session, depending on lab room availability


  • Wisconsin Standards for Science: SCI.PS2.A.K, SCI.ETS3.A.K-2
  • NGSS: K-PS2-1, K-2-ETS1-1
  • Wisconsin Standards for Technology and Engineering: TE.BB2.b.2.e, TE.BB1.f.2.e, TE.EL2.b.2.e



Gr K5-3
45 Minutes

School DPI Standards




Middle School DPI Standards




High School DPI Standards




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