About Us

Discovery World is an extraordinary experience devoted to sharing the wonders of science and igniting a love of endless exploration. We are the spark of joy in a child’s eyes when they make a connection with a living creature.

We are the sudden and satisfying “Aha” when you discover something you didn’t even know you were looking for. We are the beginning of your lifelong learning adventure.

Here at our world-class facility on Lake Michigan’s shoreline (part of the largest freshwater system in the world!), a new discovery is always just around the corner, from exploring the underwater wonders of the Reiman Aquarium to launching rockets and hopping aboard the “semi-truck” of the Great Lakes. Bring your whats, whens, and whys; and embark on a path to discovering the answers to all of your curiosities—and unearthing new ones along the way!

Our love of science knows no bounds. We empower you to learn virtually anywhere with classroom activities, exciting summer camps, and more. And, as part of the STEM ecosystem, we also touch on disciplines in technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Welcome to Discovery World, where seeing the world differently is just an “Aha” away.

Child exploring


As a Science and Technology Museum, Discovery World is committed to providing quality museum experiences and meaningful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) education programming to students – regardless of financial abilities and backgrounds. We firmly believe that inclusion results in better science, and as part of our efforts to generate excitement for STEM and empower young people underrepresented in science-related fields, we are dedicated to:

  • Partnering with diverse communities and schools through STEM education opportunities.
  • Utilizing an equity lens as a tool for organizational decision making in areas such as program development, exhibit planning, and hiring.
  • Providing an inclusive and safe learning environment where individuals are respected and treated equitably.

Our Mission

Discovery World exists to inspire generations to discover the wonders of science. We leverage the awesome powers of science and encourage you to embark on your own path to discovery.

Our Story

Discovery World was born out of an idea that our community would be a much better place if we could leverage the awesome powers of science to encourage everyone to embark on their own path to discovery. Our first home was in the basement of a Boys & Girls Club on the East Side of Milwaukee. We soon moved inside the Central Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library.

In 1995, we moved again and shared a building with the Milwaukee Public Museum. Under the guidance of local philanthropist and relentless tinkerer Michael Cudahy, in 2006 we built a world-class facility on Lake Michigan’s shoreline, part of the largest freshwater system in the world.

Today’s Discovery World exists to inspire generations to discover the wonders of science. Through interactive exhibits, the underwater worlds of the Reiman Aquarium, and unforgettable and ever-changing events and activities we have become an immersive science experience for families, students, and everyone in our community.

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