Animal of the Month

Golden Albino Axolotl 

In celebration of World Aquatic Animal Day on April 3rd, our Animal of the Month is the Golden Albino Axolotl. In the wild, Axolotls are critically endangered animals native to only two lakes in Mexico City: Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco. Due to urbanization, habitat degradation, pollution, fishing, and nonnative species hunting the axolotl, there are fewer than an estimated 1,000 axolotls living in the wild today. However, Axolotls are popular to breed and keep as pets, leading to some captive populations being introduced into their remaining habitats to bolster wild populations. 

Regenerative Powers

One significant reason for the popularity of breeding Axolotls is their regenerative abilities. They can regrow their limbs, eyes, and even parts of the heart and brain. Additionally, they can accept transplanted organs and limbs from other axolotls without fear of rejection by the body, making them valuable for medical research. 

Is it a Fish?

Many people may confuse Axolotls with salamanders or fish. While they possess legs like salamanders, they have gills and live fully in water like fish. They represent a unique type of salamander that never outgrows its aquatic phase. Although most amphibians, including salamanders, begin their lives in water and then transition to land after growing legs, Axolotls retain their aquatic features into adulthood. They grow tails and a set of lungs but also maintain their tail and a crown of external gills around their head. This allows them to take gulps of air at the surface while also utilizing their gills to breathe underwater. 

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