Animal of the Month

October 2023: Albino Checkered Garter Snake

Introducing the October Animal of the Month: Amphitrite! Our newest addition to Discovery World, is a remarkable 8-year-old Albino Checkered Garter Snake residing in our Great Lakes Future exhibit alongside her tank mate, our Corn Snake.

Striking Details:

What makes Amphitrite unique is her albino status, a result of a genetic mutation in her DNA. This means her body doesn’t produce colors, giving her distinctive white skin and scales. Albino animals like Amphitrite are incredibly rare in nature because their lack of natural coloring prevents them from blending in with their surroundings. Additionally, due to this mutation, Amphitrite sports striking red eyes.

Escaping the Cold:

As reptiles, snakes are cold-blooded creatures, relying on external warmth to regulate their body temperature. They spend at least an hour a day basking in the sun to stay warm. But what about chilly northern winters? Snakes like Amphitrite go into a state called brumation, similar to hibernation. During this period, they cease eating and seek shelter underground to escape the cold. When spring arrives, Garter snakes, known for their resilience, are among the first to emerge from their winter dormancy.

Come explore and learn more about our remarkable snakes and reptiles at Discovery World! Join our team as we celebrate National Reptile Awareness Day on October 21st!

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