Weekly Theme

  • Upcycled Art

    Do you have extra recyclables around your house these days? Utilize them to make your own upcycled art figurine! Upcycled Art Activity Sheet PAPER QUILLING The papercraft of quilling has been around for hundreds of years. Experiment with different types of paper and household objects to make a beautiful work of art! Download this FUN Activity! Stamping and Prints from...
  • Light & Color

    The Thaumatrope was invented in 1825 as a simple optical toy. Make your own Thaumatrope to see how this instrument will mix colors before your very eyes. Color Mixing Thaumatrope Activity Sheet (VIRTUAL) LAKEFRONT FESTIVAL OF ART Want more art? Visit our neighbors as they host Lakefront Festival of Art virtually! There you will find kid’s activities and more. TAKE...
  • DIY Migration Map

    Why do you only see certain animals while the weather is warmer? Study patterns, become a Migration Specialist, and make your own Migration Map! DIY Migration Map Activity Sheet
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