Aquatarium Building

Me, Undersea

Now Open! Learn about fascinating creatures that use camouflage and bioluminescence to survive, and find out how underwater pressure affects the human body. With hands-on activities for young science enthusiasts

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Weird & Wild

A little weird, a little wild, and a whole lot of COLOR! You’ll find poison dart frogs, piranha, pea puffer fish, axolotls, and more as you encounter vibrant species from

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Lake Michigan Tank

Welcoming you to the Reiman Aquarium is our 75,000-gallon Lake Michigan Tank. This freshwater tank is home to creatures native to the Great Lakes including shovelnose sturgeon, northern pike, gar,

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Caribbean Tank

Experience underwater worlds when you travel through our Caribbean Tank. This 65,000 gallon saltwater tank features Bamboo Shark, Honeycomb Cowfish, ….and more amazing animals from the Caribbean. Explore our Calendar

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Touch Tank

Did you know that sturgeon can live to be over 100 years old? Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures at the Reiman Aquarium Touch Tank where you

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Discovery World Reiman Aquarium


Are you ready to explore an underwater world? Discover strange, beautiful, and fascinating creatures from around the world in our Reiman Aquarium. You’ll pet stingrays and sturgeon in our Touch

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Explore interactive models of the Great Lakes in the world

Great Lakes Future

Around 30 million people make their home around the Great Lakes. Explore one of the largest interactive models of the Great Lakes in the world! Investigate the geology and geography

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Make waves on The Challenge!

The Challenge

Make waves on The Challenge! Climb aboard The Challenge, a replica of a Great Lakes Schooner that sailed from 1852-1889. Once there were thousands of ships like this sailing the lakes,

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Simple Machine Shipyard

There are six classical simple machines, the elementary “building blocks” of all the complicated machines today. You can put them to work at Discovery World. Can you lift a log?

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