Technology Building

  • Heroes of Science

    What does a scientist look like? What about an engineer? A physicist? A chemist? An astronomer? A mathematician? An astronaut? They should look like everyone. They are everyone. In this exhibition, we celebrate intelligence, curiosity, creativity, determination, and the indomitable human spirit. We are celebrating a very few of the very best of us.        
  • All Aboard

    Experience the wonders of the rails when you explore All Aboard, Discovery World’s model railroading exhibit! Whether you’re a full-blown train enthusiast or enamored by the marvels of miniature worlds, your family won’t want to miss this replica of mid-20th century Milwaukee equipped with a dynamic landscape including local buildings such as the historic Everett Street Depot, Pabst Brewery, Usinger's...
  • Automation Everywhere

    Can you beat Artificial Intelligence at tic-tac-toe or table tennis? Find out when you explore the automation that takes place around you all the time. Visit the Dream Machine to watch as your very own foam toy is created right in front of you. Combine automation and melodies with the Music Factory. You can even interact with working models of...
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