Technology Building

  • Virtual Explorer

    Explore endless worlds in Virtual Explorer
    Explore endless worlds in Virtual Explorer, our virtual reality experience. You and your family will experience incredible and impossible environments, immersive gameplay, and a new kind of storytelling. Discover the incredible technology that will someday change how we play, work, learn, create, and interact. Open the magic door. Step inside. Become a Virtual Explorer. Virtual Explorer closes at 3:30pm daily....
  • Milwaukee Muscle

    How does an airplane fly? Can you lift a boulder with liquid? Explore motors, engines, and power in this investigative engineering experience into some of Milwaukee’s most powerful innovations. Flight Simulator Strap on your wings and take control of your very own plane. Explore the physics of flight by virtually piloting a plane around the world in our Flight Simulator....
  • Physics & You

    Launch a rocket. Build circuits and sail air cars. Launch rings using an electromagnetic pulse, and send your own Vertical Flyer up, up and away. Discover the fundamentals of physics and learn how to control the fundamental forces that shape our world.
  • The Distant Mirror

    How can the tools and technology that archaeologists use help you uncover the past and find new stories? Explore the inside of a mummy with a CT scan, and sift through layers of time. Use maps to discover how the city of Milwaukee has evolved through the years, and take a new look at the city through the Digital Periscope.
  • Les Paul’s House of Sound

    Experience the innovative and creative spirit of Les Paul. Follow Les Paul’s story from his humble beginnings in Waukesha, Wisconsin to his travels around the world – performing, innovating, and experimenting at every stop along the way. Immerse yourself in his music and explore the guitars, techniques, sounds, and the technology that Les pioneered. You can also mix and share...
  • Big

    Explore fossils and geology and the equipment
    Can you dig it? Yes, you can! Mining products are at work around the world – drilling and digging, loading and hauling, grinding and dozing. And most of them aren’t just BIG… they’re HUGE! Explore fossils and geology and the equipment that makes it all happen. In partnership with Caterpillar.
  • Kohl’s Design It! Lab

    Bring the whole family to the Kohl’s Design It! Lab on Saturday and Sundays to make wonderfully creative projects that you can take home. You’ll choose a project from our rotating menu and we’ll guide you through the creation process. Want to make something completely original? Utilize our Upcycling Wall to transform old magazines, ribbon, yarn, and other interesting materials...
  • Innovation Station

    Prepare to investigate innovation throughout history when you enter the Innovation Station. Master Morse Code as you send messages and learn about the wireless telegraph, harness the possibilities of pneumatic power with a dancing dinosaur, and explore biomimicry, batteries, servos, and more. Do you have what it takes to survive the Bed of Nails? In partnership with Johnson Controls.
  • Power On

    Harness your human power when you explore different types of energy and learn how people transform energy from different sources into civilization.   Discover how energy from the sun drives life, the weather, and our world. Experience the Touch Lightning Exhibit featuring a Tesla Coil. Put your hand inside a tornado. Experiment with gravity and invisible light energy. Run the city.   ...
  • All Aboard

    Discovery World’s model railroading exhibit
    Experience the wonders of the rails when you explore All Aboard, Discovery World’s model railroading exhibit! Whether you’re a full-blown train enthusiast or enamored by the marvels of miniature worlds, your family won’t want to miss this replica of mid-20th century Milwaukee equipped with a dynamic landscape including local buildings such as the historic Everett Street Depot, Pabst Brewery, Usinger's...
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