From the Aquarium

  • Saltwater & Freshwater

    Learn about the history of the Great Lakes, what makes them freshwater, not saltwater, and see how Discovery World creates animal exhibits with freshwater or saltwater. Your Own Schooner was part of our Week 11 Theme: Great Lakes. What other projects from this theme did you participate in?Share your creations with us at
  • Speed of Sound Underwater

    Did you know that sound travels four times faster underwater than through the air? Learn the science of underwater sound and how animals communicate with one another thanks to the Reiman Aquarium! How Sound Travels Underwater Video Speed of Sound Underwater was part of our Week 9 Theme: Sound. What other projects from this theme did you participate in?Share your...
  • Amazing Animals

    Stay connected to all of the amazing animals that call Discovery World home! Watch LIVE from the Aquarium Five Fishy Facts about Freshwater Turtles Five Fishy Facts about Ball Pythons Five Fishy Facts about Moon Jellyfish Five Fishy Facts about Volunteer Diving Five Fishy Facts about Lake Sturgeon Five Fishy Facts about Stingrays
  • Swim Blabbers

    Watch our experts from the Reiman Aquarium explore density within aquariums and explain how some fish use swim bladders to keep from sinking or floating upwards. Floating & Density: Why Don’t Fish Sink? Video Swim Bladders was part of our Week 4 Theme: Density & Floating. What other projects from this theme did you participate in?Share your creations with us...
  • pH in the Aquarium

    Learn why the pH of the water is important in an aquarium and how the Discovery World Aquarists use chemistry to keep the tanks just right for all of our animals. Take a look now! Chemistry and pH in the Reiman Aquarium Video pH in the Aquarium was part of our Week 5 Theme: Kitchen Chemistry. What other projects from...
  • Underwater Flight Rays

    Cownose Rays appear to glide through the water as if they are flying. Join Melissa from the Reiman Aquarium as she explains the similarity between the dynamics of how a bird flies and how cownose rays are able to move so gracefully. Undewater Flight Rays Video Underwater Flight Rays was part of our Week 6 Theme: Flight. What other projects...
  • Test Your Knowledge

    How well do you know our animals? Take a quiz below to find out! Jellyfish Quiz Stingray Quiz Electric Eels Quiz Axolotl Quiz Seahorses Quiz Sturgeon Quiz Turtle Quiz
  • Fish Countershading and Camouflage

    Have you ever wondered how animals use their surroundings in nature for protection from predators? Watch along as Azra and Theresa explain how stingrays, turtles, snakes, and lobsters use patterns in nature to stay safe. Patterns In Nature: How Animals Use Camouflage Video Fish Countershading and camouflage was part of our Week 7 Theme: Patterns in Nature. What other projects...
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